Board of Directors

The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an ARC Liaison and they shall be elected by vote of the Members. The term of an officer of the Association shall be two years (2). No Member may serve as an officer in the same office more than two (2) consecutive terms, or a total of 4 consecutive years.

Management of Association
The Officers of the Association acting in the form of a Board of Directors shall have general charge and management of the affairs, funds and property of the Association. Said Board of Directors shall have full power, and it shall be the duty to carry out the purposes of the Association according to its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The Board of Directors shall have authority to approve expenditures on behalf of the Association in an amount to be approved by the Association at its first meeting.

The Board of Directors, at their discretion, shall set times and days for their meetings as agreed by a majority of the Board. The Board typically meets at the Sunset Bay clubhouse at 6 p.m. the third Tuesday of the month. The annual property owners meeting is the second Saturday of October each year.

Office phone: 865-278-3806.  Contact Us.
Board of Directors Job Descriptions
BOD History
Current Sunset Bay Board of Directors
As of October 2023:

Debbie Howard - President
John Noble - Vice President
Libby Brown - Secretary 
Darlene Doran - Treasurer
Larry Esposito - ARC Liaison