ARC Documents

All applicants wishing to commence New Construction or simply inquire about the Building Rules in Sunset Bay are urged to review carefully the following documents:
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (2006)
Architectural Guidelines (11/2020) This document spells out in detail the process of building or making changes to existing construction in Sunset Bay. The back of this document contains a checklist for building, an application to build in Sunset Bay, and many other forms.  Please consider this document VERY important when thinking of building in Sunset Bay.
Table of Fines - This document exists within the ARC Guidelines but is spelled out here for your convenience
Application for New Construction (10/2020)
Checklist for Submitting Architectural Plan
Complaint Form
Building Deposit Refund Request Form
Request for Building Extension
When considering changing the exterior of your home including but not limited to changes to existing construction or landscaping,  exterior painting, screened porches, driveways, decks, tree removal, docks, shoreline protection, shoreline irrigation, please submit this form to the Architectural Review Committee prior to commencing the work.
To submit any of these forms, please print the document, fill it out in its entirety and use one of the following delivery methods: (an ARC member will get back to you shortly)
a) Drop off or mail to Sunset Bay Owners Association, 195 Sunset View, Sharps Chapel, TN 37866
b) Fax to Sunset Bay Owners Association at 865-278-3416
c) scan and email to Sunset Bay Owners Association,
Questions can be directed to the ARC via this link: Contact Us