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Gym Rules 2023
Posted on Jan 9th, 2023

Dear Property Owners,
It's a New Year and many people are visiting the gym with renewed New Year's resolutions.  With that being said, we need to remind everyone of the most common rules for use of the gym.  
1.  Please wipe off the equipment when you are done.  From watching our video recordings it is clear that the majority of people are not cleaning the equipment after use with the wipes provided. This is just common courtesy and we are in the midst of flu and cold season as well.  Wipe off the equipment before starting just to be on the safe side.  
2.  Wear appropriate gym shoes.  It is not safe to wear flip flops, clogs or open toed shoes in the gym.  Aerobic, court or tennis shoes are recommended.
3.  Users should report any damage or malfunction of the equipment to the office immediately.  
4.  Children younger than 16 should not be using the gym.  Review of the video indicates that even while adults are present children are using equipment inappropriately which can result in injury to the child or damage to the equipment.  
5.  Make sure your guests are using the gym in an appropriate manner and following the rules for use of the gym.  We allow your guests to use the facility at this time but may need to revise that policy should issues come to light.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests when using all of our amenities.
6.   Use of audio equipment shall not be used without the aid of earphones unless others using the gym agree with the use of such audio equipment.  The volume of such audio equipment should be moderated so that others using the building do not hear it.
7. There is no smoking, food or beverages permitted within the exercise room other than non-glass, capped water bottles.  
8.   The exercise room is available from the hours of 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.  If others are waiting to use the equipment, limit your usage of the equipment to 30 minutes.
Please note that the gym and our other facilities are under video surveillance 24 hours a day.
Board of Directors